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Relief for Sensitive Skin

Ok.. Confession. I have sensitive skin, I’ve had sensitive skin since I was 8 years old and I’m obsessed with finding new skin care products to try. I have psoriasis and had to care and treat my skin using a variety of different treatments for almost 20 years. I leaned how to control and treat my psoriasis using topical medications and establishing a skincare regimen that works best to reduce my flares. Unfortunately there is no cure for psoriasis, but there are a ton of all natural treatments to ease the pain.

Most recently I’ve discovered an all natural Sappo Hill's oatmeal soap from Whole Foods. I've told anyone that will listen to me about it, and it's glorious. Colloidal Oatmeal (finely grained oatmeal) promotes wound healing, collagen and stimulates the production of immune cells in the skin, this makes your skin stronger. The oats can absorb the excess oil in the skin, removes bacteria and has ultraviolet absorbing properties. Basically the colloidal oatmeal clean's, protect's and calm's your skin.

Photo Courtesy of SappoHill.com  

Photo Courtesy of SappoHill.com  

Since I was on this "all natural remedy" kick, I stepped into my neighborhood LUSH and bought the holy grail of body lotions: Dream Cream. This body lotion has oat milk, rose water, organic cocoa butter, chamomile, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Basically all the best ingredients for sensitive skin thrown in a jar, cracked with magic and sold with a smile. Anyone who's ever researched skin care, knows that oatmeal, rose water, tea tree oil and lavender are all MAJOR remedies for sensitive skin. All of these properties offer antibacterial, healing and soothing effects. Again.. it's organic/fair trade magic.


Don't believe me? Just watch... Slap some oatmeal soap and Dream Cream on your skin and watch the magic happen. After 2 days of use I began to see results! My skin calmed down and the uncomfortable feeling of having psoriasis subsided. If you have sensitive skin like excema, acne or rosacia, oatmeal soap works like a charm. 

Now go on and get your life!