Beauty Treasures from Morocco

For my annual girls trip, we decided to visit Spain and stop off in Morocco. While, i've been to Spain before (and Spain is ALWAYS a good time) I was UBER excited to visit Morocco. What some people don't know, is that I have a small obsession with the movie Aladdin and I took this opportunity to experience Arabian nights and Arabian days, where more often than not, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good waaaaaayyyyyssss!! :D I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in as much of the Moroccan culture that i possibly could in 6 days. My friends and I visited Casablanca, Marrakech and Essouira and i can officially say that I am in LOOOVE with Morocco <3 

While in the souk in Marrakech, one of the Berber vendors offered my group a traditional Moroccan clay lipstick/lip tint. I. Was. Intrigued. The lipstick looked like the top of a clay pot, and when the vendor applied water to the base of the clay, the mixture of the clay and water produced lipstick. I thought this was fucking fascinating! So of course, the makeup nerd in me went ahead and researched Moroccan clay lipstick and heres what I found:

The red clay is made of red ochre terra-cotta mixed with a red vegetable dye. Some of the clay is blended with powdered poppy or rose petals mixed with a little wax, and can also contain henna. The Berber vendor called it Aker" and it can be used as a lipstick, with the color varying between deep red and a dark fuchsia.

When touching the clay, the color does not bleed directly onto your hand, in order to release the color, you have to moisten the clay with Rose water or fix plus. The type of solution you use to release the color, correlates to the consistency of the lipstick. i tried vaseline for a lip tint and rose water for a lipstick. You can also use the clay pot as a blush, for a natural flush.

The one other beauty purchase I made was a Kohl Kajal eyeliner! Anyone who watched Sex and the City 2 the movie saw when Carri Bradshaw went to the souk and purchased shoes and a Kohl eyeliner. When i saw this i had to try it! This eyeliner is composed of Vegetable oil, beeswax, minerals and Ghee (all natural purified butter).  

Although if i'm going to be honest, when i looked at the kohl eyeliner i thought 2 things:
1) How in the HECK do I apply this eyeliner without looking like i got into a fight with a bottle of charcoal? 
2) Why does the product say "France" if its Moroccan?

Here are my answers:
1) After kicking it with my girl Google, i learned that you're supposed to swipe the liner flat on its side onto your eyelids, however i personally used the tip of the eyeliner and it worked fine. I imagine when the sharp tip rounds out, i can take an eyeliner brush and pull product directly from the Kohl.
2) Morocco was colonized by France in the early 1900's and explains why most Berber's speak French and Arabic. I relied heavily on Google translate to help me with my french during this trip :)

Overall, i am happy i purchased these products from the souk and i cant wait to continue putting these products to good use.


Squeeze, Line and Define with the Tarte Tarteist Clay Liner

I. DIE. For a beautiful winged eyeliner. I envied Amy Winehouse for her courage and commitment to winged eyeliner, It’s the best.. We all know applying eyeliner is not easy, it does take a lot of practice but a good eyeliner will make any artist ugly-cry in amazement.  Friends… Let me introduce you to the Tarte Tarteist Clay Liner. I have been hunting this liner for months.. Unfortunately I slacked on jumping on this product when it first came out and of course, the eyeliner ended up sold out everywhere. The Universe brought me to this liner when I walked into Sephora this weekend. I stopped in the aisle and asked God to deliver me when I grabbed the last box… What can I say, God is good :) 

Now onto the eyeliner! 

Formula: The formula is waterproof and happens to be a hybrid between a liquid and a gel liner. Like most Tarte products, this liner includes Amazonian Clay, this makes the product creamy without being runny, which allows you to define your liner flawlessly without tugging. 

Packaging: You can tell that the packaging for this product was designed with the creative in mind. The eyeliner comes in a squeezable tube and can be applied with the included eyeliner brush. The top of the tube has a tapered round mixing palette so that you can blend the product onto the brush. I Love!

Photo Courtesy of Sephora.com&nbsp;&nbsp;

Photo Courtesy of Sephora.com  

Color: BLACK like my soul! After the first swipe of color, you can see the richness of the product. But just like any eyeliner, sometimes (depending on how much product you use) you have to double up on the application to make the color more opaque. 

Longevity: This liner is smudge proof, waterproof and lasted a full work day + a few Happy Hours (+/-10 hours) with very little budging. *flame emojis*

Tips: Be Careful when you squeeze the tube, if you aren’t careful a ton of product will spill out. *crying face emoji*

**Please note that I have combination skin with very little crease in my eyelid. I’ve heard that oily lids, or hooded eyelids have a hard time with this product, but for me, I had no trouble with application or lasting power. 

Overall I love this product and will buy again :)