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Thicky Thick - Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick Foundation

Photo courtesy of: Hourglass.com 

Photo courtesy of: Hourglass.com 

There's something so satisfying about purchasing a new foundation, especially when you’ve found a color that matches well and provides amazing coverage. Hourglass released their new Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation sticks, and while there are a ton of new foundation sticks on the market, I was particularly interested in the Hourglass foundation stick because: 

  1. They are known for their foundation quality
  2. This foundation is meant to adjust to body temperature
  3. I don’t personally own any Hourglass foundations— so I took this opportunity to add to my collection. 

As a naturally tanned goddess, I have a hard time finding colors that match my skin tone perfectly. With 28 shades to choose from I was excited to pick out my new best friend. I want to commend companies like Hourglass and Cover FX (another classic fave) for catering to multiple skin tones while still providing maximum quality. 

Can we say sleek? This chocolate brown casing is sturdy, sleek and built in a triangle tube to provide a comfortable grip and easy application. The foundation itself was also in a triangular formation, and while that’s different compared to the other foundation sticks in the market, it made the application process precise, fairly simple and hassle free. Plus it’s easy to throw in your bag and good when you need to apply foundation on the go.

I matched with Golden Amber.. I know I’m a tan goddess, but HOT DAMN did I get dark over the summer. Golden Amber is a bit darker than I usually go, but the medium deep color with a neutral undertone fit my skin tone perfectly so I was juiced.

Not my best swatch, but with a slight hand (and in one swipe) I was able to produce full coverage. So. Much. Pigment. sooooo. muuuuuuuch. PIGMENNNTTT!!!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you :) The foundation is FULL COVERAGE! You can dilute the product with a face oil or moisturizer, but stick to skin, this foundation is THICKY THICK. This stick is meant to be a foundation and concealer all in one, so the formula is infused with double the pigment for instant coverage. 

This product is long-wearing and waterproof, it provides 12 hour lasting power for special occasions where you need all day full coverage. The innovative formula adjusts to your body temperature to blend into the skin effortlessly. I wore this foundation to the Beyonce concert (I danced HARD ya'll) and an outdoor wedding in 80 degree heat and it didn’t smudge, or melt off. Can we say Impressive? 

Will I buy more? Yes. Will I buy again? Yes. While pricey at a smooth $46.00 a stick, you could purchase multiple colors and use the sticks for contour and highlight. Otherwise, buying this foundation for full coverage is well worth the price tag.