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Toast to the Good Life - Becca & Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

For all the highlight obsessed makeup junkies out there, you must have known about the Jaclyn Hill & Becca Champagne Collection. I hopped on the website a few weeks ago and I am SO happy that I scooped a palette, because the Champagne Collection Face Palette sold out FAST.

On the heels of Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop highlighter in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, Jaclyn Hill's next product was not only a new highlighter (because we were all expecting one new highlighter) but a FACE PALETTE, including Champagne Pop, her new highlighter Prosecco Pop and 3 mineral and luminous blushes! This b*tch came prepared to slay the makeup game.. And I'm not mad ;)

The packaging came in a sturdy gold and white plastic case, that seemed to protect the powders well. The top half of the palette is a large mirror which is perfect for when you travel and/or are applying your makeup on the go. The palette is a bit thick, but OH so pretty!!

Champagne POP - Soft white gold with pink/peachy luminous shimmer
Prosecco POP - Wark golden luminous shimmer

Rose Spritz - Luminous blush, Soft peachy pink with pale gold shimmer
Amaretto - Mineral blush, Matte toasted almond blush/bronzer
Pamplemousse - Mineral blush, Matte warm coral pink

I've used this palette on myself as well as my clients, and I will tell you that this GLEAM that radiates from your face lasts hours and all throughout the night. I've used Prosecco pop on a bride who had a candle lit wedding and her highlight was on display from miles away. Well, maybe not miles, but from the back of the room :)


L-R: Champagne pop, Prosecco pop, Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse

L-R: Champagne pop, Prosecco pop, Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse

Overall, how can you NOT love this palette?! All the blushes and highlighters are high quality and extremely luminous! You can mix and match with all the colors to create something fun for all skin types. Hop on it and I promise you won't regret it.