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Glow So Hard - Elcie Glow Enhancer Product Review

Many women (like me) love the look of a good highlight, and many women (like me) love the look of radiant skin. Elcie Cosmetics, owned by the glamour goddess Lilit Caradanian created the Glow Enhancer dry oil right on the heels of their best selling Micro Silque Foundation (which I'm waiting for my new bottle to arrive). To satisfy the needs of women (like me) obsessed with glowing skin.

The Glow Enhancer is a lightweight dry face oil with a mixture of meadow foam, Jojoba and Rose Hip oils to lock in moisture, control excess oils from producing onto your skin and helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. To help with the glow, there's finely milled mica particles mixed into the oil to help provide a light reflecting base for your foundation.

I tried my best to capture the amount of shimmer that the oil leaves on your skin, you can literally see all the glitter specs in one drop. The oil is lightweight and while the mica particles are finely milled, when spreading the product onto your skin, you can somewhat feel the glitter specs. Nothing rough, but just enough so you know that it's present in the product. 

Here I am trying to look casual and #deep while staring at a wall. Thank God for my colleague Anny whom i lured outside the building and forced to snap my photo in exchange for pack of gummy bears. Well worth it I'm sure :)
I personally saw a difference in my skin's appearance after applying the Glow Enhancer. My skin looked softer, my pores looked smaller and I exuded a glow so hard MF's want to fine me. Now onto the rest of my review.

The oil has a champagne shimmer that is so hypnotizing I started at the bottle for a good 5 minutes before even trying it on. When you apply the drops of oil to your skin, the shimmer distributes onto your skin evenly and doesn't feel chunky. 

I wore the oil under my Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation for 10 hours. This is an enhancing product, so it helped to make my skin look radiant and smooth. I do have an oily t-zone, so by the end of the day my skin looked a little bit more shiny than usual, but my cheeks (which are usually dry) continued to look radiant and filled with glow.  

I wore the glow oil with a tinted moisturizer the day before and for some reason I could see the glitter particles on my skin. I'm not sure if this was because I used more than two drops, or if it was because I did not use a medium to full coverage foundation. The shimmer was present through my tinted moisturizer and it did look a bit odd, but using a foundation with better coverage helped to really bring out the radiance.

If you love glowing skin, and want to exude radiance, this product is right for you. I think it's a great skin care product on its own for hair and body. I wouldn't necessarily leave it on my face without applying foundation, but I would leave it on my neck, shoulders or arms if I wanted a little bit more 'body glow'. I suggest using a medium to buildable coverage foundation to help the oils illuminate your skin.   

Release Date
The Glow Enhancer launches on April 19th at 12:00pm on for $48.00 per bottle. 

Don't sleep on it.