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DOSE of Colors Hidden Treasures Palette - Gemstone Metallic REALNESS

Its that time of the year again, Weddings, Proms, (Insert life event here) Showers, Fundraising events, etc.. Basically anytime you'll need a full face of glam, and a bottle full of wine at your fingertips. DOSE of colors recently released an eyeshadow palette called 'Hidden Treasures'. Where you can find natural jewel toned eyeshadow colors for your everyday glamour session.  

Look at that Beaut! The packaging is designed to look as though you've opened up a treasure chest and found 10 metallic and matte gems to cover your eye sockets for a night out on the town. 

I recently used a few colors from this palette on a bride and
1- the colors are PIGMENTED AF!
2- With a primer or concealer to lock the color onto your skin, the colors stay on for a really long time. My Bride had her makeup on starting at noon and had a full face of makeup for a good 8 hours before fading. 


Pearl – Off white Shimmer
Coin – Golden Metallic
Key – Brown Matte
Crown – Burnt copper – Metallic
Ruby – Deep red – Metallic
Gemstone – Chamapagne – Metallic
ONYX – Black – Matte
Map – Mauve Matte
Locket – Tan/Beige Matte
Diamond – Nude/Pink Metallic

Check out my close ups so you can enjoy the colors in all its shimmery glory:

Jesus GAWD have you seen these swatches? HAVE YOU??? Check out my swatches below :) When I said these eyeshadows were pigmented, I was SO serious. These eyeshadows come off almost like a foil without having to use a wet brush. It's beautiful! After I swatched these shadows in the light, I turned up the Drake album, faked a few salsa moves and WAS. KILLIN EM! 

TMI? Oh well, the colors are beautiful and made me a happy girl :)

$50.00. For 10 eyeshadows, that breaks down to $5.00/eyeshadow. And for colors this pigmented, the Hidden Treasures palette is a STEAL ON THE REAL.

I have always been a fan of DOSE of colors, so I jumped at the chance to purchase this palette. The only Con that I have is the placement of the eyeshadows within the palette. I understand it's purpose and design, however-- because I am a freelance makeup artist, the placement gives my OCD a little kick in the ass. Most of my palettes are organized in a way that it's easier for me to look and pull a color for my client. With this palette it forces me to search for a color (in my head) in an unorganized way. AGAIN, I am aware that my makeup problems are different from the average makeup enthusiast, but I thought I would voice my opinion here. 

Overall if you like Metallics and need a little shimmer in your life, check this palette out, it's one not to miss!