Breakup Blues - When it's time to cut ties with your client

As a freelancer, when you work in the beauty industry, a lot of your off time is spent perfecting your craft, learning new makeup techniques and adding to your skill set as an artist. We all know that our role with our clients is to enhance their natural beauty and not mask it. But we also all know that the concept of, "beauty" is subjective to each individual person. What we think is beautiful and glamorous, might not be the same for our clients. In this context, it is important to remember as a makeup artist that communication and concept accept are two aspects you should be VERY clear about when working with your client. 

For the first time in all my years as a makeup artist, I had to break up with a client. This may be second nature to some, but for me I had a heart wrenching time communicating to this, amazing woman that our styles and vision were not the same. And while I made sure to do everything in my artistic ability to provide maximum glam while sticking to her vision, it was very clear that the love connection was simply not there. And as much as we both worked to make this relationship work, sometimes you can’t force something that wasn’t meant to be. 

Did this experience make me feel inadequate? Yes. Did this experience make me feel as though I was not a talented? Yes. Were any of those doubts true? No. Absolutely not! But in the world of artistry and expression, your heart sinks a little when no one catches the punch line.  

The artist/client relationship needs to be a transparent and honest partnership, and while you are building your brand as an artist, it is important you are also, committed to making your client happy. But you have to be Okay when it doesn’t work out.

The same can be said in the reverse. You’re not going to book all the gigs you trial in for, sometimes you are going to make mistakes and sometimes you’re not on your A game. But accepting the feedback and working on your craft is important to building your skill set.