Stylish Ways to Wear Metallic Tattoos

Photo Courtesyof 

Photo Courtesyof 

For IMATS I bought a set of J Cat Beauty DeJa Tu's and a set of LULU dk’s “Love Story” metallic tattoos. I placed a set around my arm in place of a bracelet. For me, I loved this placement because it kept my arm accessorized without all the heavy jewelry weight. 


My absolute favorite place to wear metallic tattoos is on my clavicle. It reminds me a lot of the placement of Rihanna’s “Never a failure, always a lesson” tattoo. And for those of you who are wondering about metallic tattoo's lasting power, each of my tattoo placements lasted 3 days without wear and tear. They don't budge too much after soap and water, although if you're looking to remove the metallic tattoo without having to wait too long, use an oil based remover to ease the removal process. 

All in all I'm obsessed, these metallic tattoos are sexy, fun and it makes a great statement piece :)